## Toshiba 57H83 57-Inch HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV

Toshiba 57H83 57-Inch HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV

Toshiba 57H83 57-Inch HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV


About Toshiba 57H83 57-Inch HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV:

The new line-up looks even more promising when watched on the clear screen of this Toshiba 57″ Widescreen Projection HDTV. New improved PowerFocus HD II CRTs, high definition contrast and 3:2 cinema mode offer amazingly crisp video imaging. SRS 3D sound field expander, sub bass system and stablesound feature clean and consistent sound. Other features include hyper-progressive scanning, dynamic quadruple focus, cableclear digital noise deduction, dual tuner multi window, dual colorstream HD component video inputs, 2 real A/V/S inputs, AV output and much more. Includes an illuminated universal r

Amazon.com Product Description Note: Toshiba 57H83 57″ HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV is no longer being manufactured. You may want to consider purchasing the newer Toshiba 57H84 57″ HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input instead. Blazing forth with its huge screen, high style, and bountiful high-tech features, Toshiba’s 57H83 TheaterWide HDTV projection monitor is set to render vivid, smooth, and detailed video signals from DVD players, digital TV set-top boxes, digital satellite systems, cable television boxes–you name it. The set’s TruView feature combines several enhancements

Features Toshiba 57H83 57-Inch HDTV-Ready TheaterWide Projection TV:

  • 57-inch widescreen (16:9 aspect-ratio) HD-compatible projection television; 52.75 x 55.75 x 24 inches (W x H x D)
  • Improved PowerFocus HD II CRTs enhance sharpness and brightness
  • 3D Y/C digital comb filter with Vertical Contour Correction accurately processes RF (broadcast, VCR) and composite-video (DVD, VCR, camcorder) signals
  • HD Window dual-tuner POP (picture outside picture), PIP audio, direct video input selection
  • HD Dynamic Contrast analyzes picture information to sharpen and deepens those parts with the most detailed information