** Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV

Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV

Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV


About Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV:

This widescreen 50-inch powerhouse packs everything from generous AV inputs to Toshiba’s latest high-tech video innovations (including two-tuner, multiwindow picture-in-picture). The quality starts with a wideband video amplifier, works its way through the set’s extensive lens system (including PowerFocus Plus CRTs and a five-element lens with Multilinear Digital Convergence and Multilinear Digital Focus), and manifests itself onscreen through a three-line digital comb filter with vertical contour correction, velocity scan modulation, and 900 lines of horizontal resolution. Can you say “HDTV r

Features Toshiba 50A61 50-Inch Projection TV:

  • Power focus lens system for maximum sharpness and brightness
  • Built in high-contrast TheaterSheild minimizes reflections while protecting the screen
  • Dual-tuner Picture-in-picture lets you monitor two programs at once
  • Backlit universal remote control
  • 2 sets of component-video inputs for DVD player or gaming console hookup