** Philips 26PW8402/37 26″ RealFlat HD-Ready TV

Philips 26PW8402/37 26″ RealFlat HD-Ready TV

Philips 26PW8402/37 26


About Philips 26PW8402/37 26″ RealFlat HD-Ready TV:

An HDTV monitor with the ultimate in digital connectivity. Its widescreen format ensures that nothing is missing from your movies and with Dolby Virtual surround sound and 20 watt audio power you’re in for an unmatched cinema experience.

The 26PW8402’s 26-inch RealFlat, high-definition widescreen tube affords scintillating home cinema viewing when used with a progressive-scan DVD player or a DTV set-top box. Picture enhancements like line doubling with Eye Fidelity (480p/1050i) bring interlaced sources like VCRs and non-progressive-scanning DVD players into the digital realm, and a 2D Y/C comb filter further improves the quality of incoming interlaced video signals. The set’s RealFlat tube provides reflection- and distortion-free pictures for maximum viewing comfort, while the DAF (Dynamic Astigmatic Focus) CRT gun ensures rel

Features Philips 26PW8402/37 26″ RealFlat HD-Ready TV:

  • 26-inch widescreen RealFlat CRT offers vivid, high-contrast HD images; 31.7 x 20.3 x 20.2 inches (W x H x D)
  • 1080i, 480p capable with 2 HD component-video inputs and 8 total video inputs
  • Active Control 2 analyzes incoming signals and optimizes color, sharpness, contrast, and digital noise reduction
  • Eye Fidelity lets you choose between different line doubling and scanning techniques (progressive or interlaced)
  • 10 watts per channel x 2 with Dolby Virtual Surround to simulate surround sound from the set’s 2 speakers