==>> JVC HD61G787 61-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV

JVC HD61G787 61-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV

JVC HD61G787 61-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV


About JVC HD61G787 61-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV:

What is the “Perfect Experience”? The most amazing picture imaginable is what you will see with JVC’s line of HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions. This 61″ Widescreen model is built on JVC’s 3-Chip DILA Technology, a revolutionary Micro-display technology that will give you the most incredible picture imaginable. Packed with supporting features like a NEW 3 Step, Optical Iris System, 5-Point Color Management, Dynamic Gamma Correction Circuitry, Dual HDMI/HDCP Digital Inputs, Dual HD Component Inputs and JVC’s 5th Generation D.I.S.T 720p (Digital Image Scaling Technology) with GENESSA Picture Pr

Enjoy bright, vibrant images from DVD movies and TV programming with the 61-inch JVC HD-61G787 rear-projection microdisplay TV. This D-ILA (Direct drive Image Light Amplifier) set utilizes JVC’s exclusive three-color (1280 x 720 pixels) chip technology provides a superior high contrast, flicker-free image that’s more natural than other microdisplay technologies. This set features JVC’s 5th generation DIST (Digital Image Scaling Technology) with the Genessa 32-bit image processing CPU, which insures faster and more efficient sampling that drastically reduces jagged edges and increases the resol

Features JVC HD61G787 61-Inch HDILA Rear Projection TV:

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